One thing that really made Xevious stand out from all the other arcade games was the scrolling background map. Wow ! Forets, rivers, lakes, roads, buildings... A whole new world ! Almost all the other games had a simple geometric backgrounds, and quite a few had just a uniform black colour.

The Xevious background is in fact one single map (1024 pixels wide by 2048 pixels high). This large map is broken up into 16 different areas (224 pixels by 2048 pixels), and the visible scrolling window is 224 pixels wide by 288 pixels high. These 16 areas overlap, but each area has a different set of "ground targets". For instance, areas #2 and #8 cover just about the same part of the main map, but they do not show the same objects.

The "ground targets" will allways appear at the same place in a particular area. Some of them may then start moving (tanks), but they will start out from the same place. The hidden targets (bonus flags or sol citadels)  are also allways located at the same place.

The game starts out by scrolling through each area, and at the end of area n° 16 it cycles back to area n° 7. All areas start and end with a stretch of forest which means that the joint between two different backgroung areas is not visible. The overall effect is that of an everchanging landscape.

These maps come from the NAMCO archives at The maps will be mirrired here mainly because I do not know how long they will stay up and I cannot get in touch with webmaster...

The MAME arcade emulator can play copies of the original Xevious rom, and people have been using it to produce maps of the different levels.

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All Areas
Area 1
Area  1

Area 2
Area  2

Area 3
Area  3

Area 4
Area  4

Area 5
Area  5

Area 6
Area  6

Area 7
Area  7

Area 8
Area  8

Area 9
Area  9

Area 10
Area 10

Area 11
Area 11

Area 12
Area 12

Area 13
Area 13

Area 14
Area 14

Area 15
Area 15

Area 16
Area 16

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